Our Story

The beginning of Christian Assembly Church can be traced back to July 1989 when pastor Cles Cange and his wife Viola Cange moved to Tampa to establish a French speaking church.

The church had a simple and clear goal – to help people connect with God so that they might reach their full potential. In the fall of 1993, pastor Emmanuel Revolus moved to Tampa with his family and started to collaborate with Pastor Cles Cange by committing to seeing his dream become a reality. In the springs of 1995, Pastor Revolus was appointed by Pastor Cles Cange as assistant pastor. As they continued to work side by side, they longed to see the Haitian Community of Tampa Bay changed by the gospel.

After the death of pastor Cange in April 2002, pastor Emmanuel Revolus was appointed Senior pastor of Christian Assembly. Today, his leadership vision for Christian Assembly Church is to build a strong and large spiritual family by ways of connecting the world with the love of Jesus Christ and restoring hope in marriages and families so they serve God, one another and their community and fulfilling their purpose in life. We are committed to keep our deep sense of community and family – a family living on mission together in biblical community growing more deeply devoted to Jesus each week.

We now have two worship services in Creole and English. We dream of being a people passionate and vocal about the Gospel, mature, devoted to Jesus, missional, connected, fill of spirit, in love with God and radical in the way we live and love.


7809 North Orleans Avenue,
Tampa, FL 33604

Worship Times

Sundays : Creole Service 9 AM | English Service 11:30 AM